Adventures of An Ethical Miscreant
have you got a link to that image of princess mononoke with the clear background that used to be your icon?


Couldn’t find the original, but I’m not sure it was any bigger than this.

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do you consider oysters a suitable food item for a vegan if they dont have a central nervous system? Also 95% of oysters consumed originate from oyster farms, which means their ecosystem isn't negatively impacted and since oysters feed on plankton nothing goes to waste for them, such as grains and forest space. So is it really bad at all to consume oysters? I was just wondering what youre opinion on all this is.

Their taxonomic classification is animal. Vegans don’t eat animals. That may sound arbitrary, but the their classification isn’t.

What you said to the anon made me think of this: even if all the humans died out, the animals wouldn't be saved. They'd be locked in our houses and our zoos and aquariums to rot. :(

It’s OK, they’d totally all figure it out. Every single one of them would survive. Don’t even fret.

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ocool so are you gonna prove it? anyhow you can have this study by the amva that says feral cats can survive up to 8 yrs in the wild (amvajournals(,)amva(.)org/doi/abs/10.2460/jamva(.)2005(.)227(.)1775) or this study by the ncbi that says they have a life expectancy of around 5 yrs (ncbi(.)nlm(.)nih(.)gov/m/pubmed/12523478) pretty much the def. of "independent of humans" to me, but hey youre the vegan.

Here’s some quotes of mine with relevant parts highlighted:

"[non-human animals] are now, by and large, dependant on humans for their survival as a result of domestication”

domesticated species that are almost entirely reliant on us for survival”

I guess it’s more fun to read those as ‘non-human companions are so absolutely domesticated that they have no natural instincts and not a single one could survive without the direct care of a human. No exceptions. None’.

You may also be interested in the feral dog population in Moscow (and other parts of Russia) or exotic birds in London.

wow a genuinely curious anon ends up listening to you and you link to wiki totes scientific

Believe it or not, I don’t know everything about every subject to do with non-human animals; I have not read a book on every subject. The whys and wherefores of non-human animal domestication is not something I am particularly interested in.

The anon obviously wasn’t genuinely interested since they just started to straw man me after I linked them to a website that is written by people who have read books on the subject and links to references. If the anon gave a shit then they should have the fucking foresight to do their own research and started Googleing or clicking on the footnotes; not come back to me to reiterate the same points.

If you think 300 million years of learned behavior can be undone in the blink of an eye that we’ve been domesticating them, I’m going to send an email to your high school bio teacher and tell her that she failed you miserably. We cannot fuck with an animal’s instincts through breeding. That 300 mil years of learned behavior is like spilling red wine on a shirt, it’s fucking there and it’s not going away just because you “breed" an animal for a couple of generations. Animals like cats are (con't)

(con’t) predators, they have fixed action patterns of behavior that no amount of domestication will fix this. For example, the whole “cats have nine lives thing” BS comes from a reflex that cats have called their “righting reflex” which is their ability to orient themselves in the air so they land on their feet. That shit doesn’t go away.

Not once did I say that domestication has removed instinct from any non-human animal; I said that they are now, by and large, dependant on humans for their survival as a result of domestication (which amounts to quite a bit more than “breed[ing]” an animal for a couple of generations”).

You done arguing against points I never made yet?

Ok then. I'm not being snippy here, I genuinely want to learn. Which book should I read?

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this…

It was an off the cuff comment, but the first two sentences of the Wikipedia article on domestication pretty much sum up what I was saying.

ahaha, i love how concise and level headed you are w/ these asks. btw, and this is a wee personal, but what do you do for a living?

Thanks. I thought I was being shitty lately because I thoroughly cannot be bothered with these asks, I just want them done.

I leech off the state for a living. 

oh, and where i am i dont have a right to life since the police has no constitutional duty to protect us, my proof? the u.s. goddam supreme court en(.(wikipedia(.)org/wiki/Castle_Rock_v._Gonzales sure you have a right to life on paper but in reality who the fuck is gonna protect that right if the govt has absolutely zero obligation to? read the link carefully and listen up, do you rly think we have rights now ?

Oh my god! I had no idea that the state is oppressive and has a hidden (in plain sight) agenda dedicated to removing fundamental human rights!

1. in ref to the link of the starved cat anon left 2. ive seen you avidly vouch for feeding dogs and other pets vegan food, esp considering that they need meat 3. hardly a strawman, vegans are human, the majority of humans do not engage in 3x daily human rights activism like you do w/ animal rights, any human picked at random is not likely to be one of them.

1. One person who neglects their cat goes to show how hypocritical all vegans can be. You know, like one non-vegan who neglects their cat shows how hypocritical all non-vegans can be… 

2. I advocate feeding your companion vegan food if it works for them. Every animal is individual. Why have you brought up dogs? That is entirely different to cats. I have never advocated feeding your companion an obviously neglect diet like rice milk and pasta or whatever that fuck head feed their kitten…

3.Actually the very definition of a straw man. You have no idea about my stance on human rights: you assumed my position and then attacked that imaginary position. Why are you talking about other people? I’m not accountable for what they are or not taking about 3x a day. This is a vegan blog; so I talk about vegan things (and some human stuff as it relates to veganism), funny right?

Okay, so 2,000 years of domestication and artificial selection undoes 300 million years of learned behavior that these animals have had?? That sounds like faulty science.

Read a book.