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Hello! I was wondering if you have any good book or documentary recommendations? I'm hoping to do some reviews soon (check out my latest post for moar details ^_^).


Gary Yourofsky Speech and Q&A

- Probably the most important piece of media vegans have in their arsenal. It covers pretty much everything in good detail; animal welfare, health, the environment, etc… Read about Gary Yourofsky here.


- A nauseating experience. Showcases the immense cruelty enacted upon animals by man. It is separated into segments that cover meat, entertainment, pets, medical/cosmetic/product testing and clothing.

Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat

- A very challenging and insightful presentation by Melanie Joy exploring the ‘gap in conciousness’ that allows for the cognitive dissonance between moral values and the treatment of non-human animals. It sets out to make people consciously aware of the dominant culture and its ideology, instead of taking the ideals behind animal consumption for granted.

Everything You Know About Homo Sapiens is Wrong

- A lecture by Dr. Steve Best which challenges what we think we know about human identity and how that works in relation to our place (both perceived and actual) in the world. Another ‘must watch’ on Dr. Best’s YouTube channel is his lecture on the problems within the vegan movement and how we can overcome them to be better activists.

Behind the Mask

- A ‘behind the scenes’ documentary about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) & direct action; how activists are perceived by the public, and treated by the law. It includes footage of direct actions taking place and interviews with several influential people in the animal rights movement, including: Ronnie LeeGreg Avery & Dr. Jerry Vlasek amongst others (some already named on this list). You can watch this on YouTube in 9 parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Food Inc.

- A look into how the government have systematically gained control over everything you eat and completely altered the face of agriculture to suit their needs; how they have made food incredibly unhealthy… And put corn in everything… This is an overall view of food production and there are some parts that try to glorify ‘the family farm’ and their methods of so-called ‘humane slaughter’ and ‘ethical’ practices. You’re all smart enough to know that this is still a load of bollocks, but I wanted to make it clear that I do not condone the use of animals in any capacity.

Forks Over Knives

- An in depth look at the effects of eating animal based products. Drawing links, with plenty of evidence, to animal produce causing cancers, heart diseases and bone diseases amongst others. It shows how cutting out animal produce can aid (and in some cases; reverse) certain diseases. The word ‘vegan’ is mentioned once (in one of the interviews) and it only very briefly mentions anything to do with human/non-human animal ethics. This is a documentary about health.

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

- The story of the activities of the Earth Liberation Front, mainly around the Pacific North West in the late 90’s. Mostly focussed around Daniel McGowan. The link provides more in depth synopsis. I found this to be a very distressing watch.

Chris DeRose Speech on Animal Liberation

- A very heart-felt and inspiring speech given by Chris DeRose, who has been active on the AR scene for 35 years and founded Last Chance for Animals. The speech covers a lot of things from legal standings, liberation methods, general ethos of the movement, how to ‘be smart’ when engaging in actions and insightful personal exploits.

Vanishing of the Bees

- A decent documentary about how Colony Collapse Disorder is killing off bee populations the world over due to how thoroughly shit our agriculture methods are. The film is telling the bee’s story from a perspective of ‘oh, no! The bees are dying! How will we grow our crops!?’, which is shitty, but the information is good.

The Superior Human?

- A systematic challenging of the belief that humans are superior to all other life forms, which exposes the disgustingly ignorant bias that this belief is formed from.


Vegan Starter Kit

- A very informative and very well presented, easy to follow, guide to help with going vegan. Plenty of great resources (videos, images, audio clips, quotes, etc…) for new and old vegans alike.

Vegan Freak

- A good guide for new vegans and a pretty good read for established vegans.

Thanking the Monkey

- A very informative book covers many different aspects of animal use/animal rights. With illustrations by everyone’s favourite vegan illustrator: Dan Piraro!


- A website dedicated to the deconstruction of the myth of ‘humane’ animal produce. Because, as all sensible people know: humane exploitation, humane oppression and humane slaughter cannot exist in a real, logical world.

Because We Must

- An organization to end all forms of oppression: animal, earth and human. Watch/read the mission statement, then go read the rest of the site.

Green is The New Red

- A blog regarding how animal rights and environmental activists are branded as ‘terrorists’ and how the fear of ‘terrorism’ is being used to manipulate society in to thinking that AR activists are a #1 public threat.


- A website dealing with various myths about vegetarians/vegans, offering in depth articles. An article of particular interest is how we are naturally herbivores (it is the most concise article of it’s type I have come across).

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