Adventures of An Ethical Miscreant
Being vegan is a choice of luxury, especially for a first world citizen like yourself. You are extremely ignorant to world culture.

Well, there’s a surprise! An anon deeming that I am ignorant about ‘privilege’ who provides no further argument to backup his/her statement! I know we have a text limit on here but come on…

I’m done saying the same old shit to you fucks. Just because I am not oppressed and will never be as oppressed as a whole lot of humans does not mean I do not know that there is oppression out there. Why the fuck do you think I’m vegan? To support the most oppressed group of them all: non-humans. By proxy, helping humans who are oppressed by the meat-eating first-world. This argument is almost entirely summed up by this statement (provided you don’t keep getting butthurt over the position the argument is being argued from):

No oppressed group should ever shut up about their own oppression, they just cannot use another (unquestionably more oppressed) group as something to stand on to elevate themselves and then cite oppression as justification to do so.” - TommyXVX

Read these:

Look at the notes on that (the above quote is from a reblog of it). So many reblogs saying he is wrong but comparatively few offering any real insight as to why.

(In fact, just have a scroll through Tommy’s blog as of late. That should answer all the questions you have. You won’t though. You’re content in your ignorant speciesism)

That post covers different scenarios, etc… Please, read the question in the ask for it to make more sense. Even if you don’t; you’ll get the gist.

You’re fucking ignorant to world culture and the world’s problems.

  1. usachan-heart said: first world citizen implying a higher wealth? because throughout the world it is the POOR and OPPRESSED who consume mainly plant based diets; the wealthy who consume animals because they can afford to. it’s not something you have to be privileged for
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